Snow flurries are in the forecast for the Ozarks. How much snow? No one really knows but possibly up to an inch in some locations have been forecasted.

Are you “snow” ready? Is your car winterized?

NOW, TODAY, is the time to get things ready in case you are stranded or in need of help.

Prepare your vehicle with these items.

Throw a jar of peanut butter in your backseat. Great protein and it keeps for a long time.

Have an emergency kit ready.  A good kit includes things like blankets, flashlights, non-perishable food, and water.

If you are stranded and can’t get help or find shelter, stay in your car.

Don’t run the heater more than 10 minutes per hour and make sure your car exhaust is not blocked by snow.  That should keep you warm enough to survive, but also save gas.

If you’ve got passengers, huddle together to stay warm.  And cover up with whatever you can if you don’t have blankets use floor mats!

Make sure someone knows you’re in trouble.  If you’re in a remote area by yourself, call for help.  If that’s not possible, tie a colorful piece of fabric to your antenna, or hang it out your window to let people know you’re in distress.

Don’t stress, be smart! Stay in your car if possible.