It’s inside Bass Pro Shops, the Motorsports Museum! It features a variety of cool racing memorabilia, including fire suits, helmets, collectibles, and of course…cars! Visitors can get an up close look of the actual cars drivers ran, including the famous Dale Earnhardt #3 he drove in 1998, the year he won the Daytona 500.














Most of us have heard of the Wonders of Wildlife Museum & Aquarium at Bass Pro Shops World Headquarters here in Springfield. It’s amazing! There’s nothing quite like it perhaps anywhere in the world, however there is an admission fee. The Bass Fishing and Motorsports Museum’s are both free and should be included during your next visit to the store.














With summer right around the corner, be sure and take your visiting friends and family to Bass Pro Shops and take in the free attractions. The fishing and racing exhibits are located upstairs inside the main entrance of the store. Just head in the front door and keep walking up the stairs or ride the elevator to the next floor. Both free attractions, as well as the entrance to the “Wonders of Wildlife Museum” are at the top. It’s a great way kill a day when the weather’s not cooperating and you can’t get outdoors. A visit to the Bass Pro Shops museums are the next best thing!