We’ve all seen the white flowered trees that are one of the first signs of spring in the Ozark! The trees, known as Bradford Pears, are pretty but the white flowers leave a horrible odor. These ornamental trees grow and multiply fast and are a nuisance to the Missouri conservation.

The trees will choke out native plants, trees and bushes.

If you have a Bradford Pear tree or “Callery” Pears on your property- you can cut down your tree and receive a free non-invasive tree with the special  “buy back” event  which is sponsored  by Forest ReLeaf of Missouri, Missouri Invasive Plant Council, and MDC.

The “buy back” program will be April 26 in Springfield and you must register by visiting moinvasives.org.  There are a limited amount of trees so don’t delay on registering.   You will also need to submit a photo of yourself next to your cut-down tree in order to receive one replacement tree.