There is nothing like the smell of a live Christmas tree in your home during the holidays!

The pine scent is incredible, however, keeping a live tree fresh and from dying too soon may take some skill.

Here are some great tips:

  • Before putting your tree into a stand, cut half an inch or more off the trunk. This exposes the vessels so that the tree can take up water more easily.
  • Once cut, you should immediately put your tree in a stand with plain water only. The stand’s reservoir should be large enough to hold at least a gallon of water. Check it daily and keep it full throughout the holiday season.
  • Preservatives and other additives won’t extend the life of your Christmas tree. No matter what the label says, plain water is best. Well-hydrated trees will resist burning if there’s an electrical fire.
  • To keep your tree from drying out, you should avoid displaying it near heat sources like air vents, fireplaces, wood stoves and even sunny windows.
  • If you want to avoid an electrical fire, you should use LED lights that use less than 5% of the electrical demand on receptacles compared to incandescent bulbs. You should also inspect your lights regularly and unplug them when you leave the house or go to sleep.

(credit to College of Natural Resource News NC State University)