City of Springfield has plans to resurface around 20 lane miles of streets, mostly in neighborhoods!

The resurfacing  project is expected to start on Sunday, June 23, at Kansas Expressway from Kingsley Street to Republic Road during overnight hours.

  • Various street segments in Southern Hills Neighborhood, including portions of Southern Hills Boulevard, Crestview, Lamonta and Inglewood.
  • Portions of 7th, 8th and 9th avenues between College and Walnut streets in the West Central Neighborhood.
  • Various street segments west of Kansas Expressway in the Heart of the Westside Neighborhood, including Lynn and Brower streets, Farmer, Lafontaine and Forest avenues.
  • Eldon Avenue from Nichols Street to the end of the roadway.

Property owners will be able to access their property within the work zones  and will be given  48 hours’ notice before beginning work on the segment.

For more information on the asphalt overlay go to

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