If you don’t feel up to par, maybe a little tired or groggy? Well it could be what you are eating.

The best part, healthy eating and what you put on your plate could  make a difference in as little as three weeks.

If you are interested in boosting brain power and energy try these specific nutrients.

Magnesium – Helps with sleep, calms us down and helps balance serotonin. What kinds of food have magnesium? Dark chocolate, Legumes, avocados and flaxseed
Collagen – Is good for skin, hair and overall health, and  helps us absorb nutrients.  Foods rich in collagen include salmon, chicken, egg whites and bone broths.
Ghee – It’s clarified butter! For years Eastern medicine has used Ghee which helps the brain and balances everything living in your guy. Just a small amount can help you.

Consult your doctor for more information!