Many will be hitting  the skies this week, you need to be prepared on what to pack if YOU are!

The TSA  agency expects to see some crazy items that people are trying to get on a plane. Here is a great example. One person took a crockpot full of money and tried to board the plane.  The crockpot being empty is fine, but the ten thousand dollars raised a lot of eyebrows! If YOU bring big money- you can expect to be questioned.

Do not bring old military ammunition. You won’t board.

TSA WILL see the  knife you tried to conceal in a stroller.

What else shouldn’t you bring- you can actually find   TSA LIST HERE

What about gifts and presents for Christmas?  Yep, you can bring them onboard. The TSA says it’s best to leave them unwrapped, though wrapped gifts are allowed, however the TSA may have to unwrap them during the security process.

You can also bring : Liquids limited to 3.4 oz. ,  Most solid foods are allowed, although they may have to go through special security checks and baby food is ok too.

Happy Flying!