Summer unofficially hits the Ozarks this weekend.

If you are looking for some great ideas to cool down the kids, check out these tips from PARENTING, KIDS & FAMILY !

Most of these activities can be modified for all ages.

Make a Water Blob
If you don’t have easy access to pool, you’ve got to try making your own water blob! This is a superb water activity for kids of all ages. With just a roll of heavy-duty plastic sheeting, duct tape, and a hose, you can create a water-filled, giant pillow that’ll keep kids busy all day. Bonus: Put a sprinkler over it and you’ve got a DIY slip-n-slide.

Foam Water Table
For a slippery, soapy twist on traditional summer fun, try a colorful foam water table, like the one from the Busy Toddler blog. Simply add dish soap to your kids’ water table and agitate to make tons of bubbles. Try dropping in some food coloring and have the kids mix up a rainbow of colors. It’s a great way to breathe life into an old toy.

Construct a Pool Noodle Water Wall
Little ones of all ages are sure to get a kick out of making a water wall out of pool noodles, like the one from Teaching Mama. You can use tape, string, or zip ties to create an obstacle course for water.

Water Bottle Freeze Tag
Grab some spray bottles, fill them with water, and let your little ones run wild! A wild game of water bottle freeze tag is a great way to pass the time on hot summer afternoons. Got older kiddos? Switch out the spray bottles with their high-powered water blasters for a more mature version of this fun activity.

Ice Excavation
Make an ice excavation activity! Turn the bowl upside down and release the block of ice which will have frozen toys inside. Give your child tiny hammers (and plenty of supervision) and watch as they slowly chip out the frozen toys.

Water Gun Races
This fun take on an old carnival favorite is a must-do for the neighborhood kid gang. A plastic drinking cup hangs from a string that’s suspended between two trees. Kids can use water guns to see who can move the cups along the string from one end of the string to the other fastest.

Water Balloon Piñatas
Fill water balloons and hanging them like piñatas. Kids can take turns batting them down one at a time or all at once for a splashing good time.

Water Balloon Sports
Got a baseball fan? This water activity for kids will be a home run. Fill a large tub of water balloons and let your kids hold their own “batting practice” session on a hot day.

Duck, Duck, Splash!
The person who’s been chosen as the “goose” walks around the circle with a big cup of water. When they finally choose the next goose, they’ll dump the water over that person’s head and then start running!

Fill the Bucket
Split everyone into two teams and nominate one person from each team to hold a bucket on their head. Then let their teammates race to be the fastest to fill the bucket.

How they fill it is up to them: They can race with wet sponges, carry cups of water on their heads, or do anything they can dream up.

Beach Ball Blaster
Break out the beach balls and the squirt guns!  Who’s the best at keeping the ball in the air using only a squirt gun?

Kiddie Pool Kickball
Want a water activity for tweens? Kiddie pool kickball simply can’t be beat.  You’ll need to construct a diamond-shaped playing field from heavy-duty plastic sheeting (think: baseball diamond) and get four kiddie pools, one for each base. Then let the games begin! Instead of running the bases after they kick the ball, kids will get a running start, then slide down the baseline right into a kiddie pool.

Water Gun Painting
Load water guns with diluted non-toxic washable paint for a pain-free afternoon of paintball, summer edition. If “painting” each other with squirt guns isn’t an option, here are a few ideas for what to paint on:

Plain white shirts
White sheet
Sidewalk or driveway
Large sheets of butcher paper
Cardboard boxes

DIY Slip ‘n’ Slide
Pick up some heavy-duty plastic sheeting, apply a bit of shampoo or olive oil, and crank up the sprinkler. It’s proof you don’t need anything fancy to pull off some of the best water activities for kids.

Water Sensory Bin
To get started, find a low, wide plastic bin and fill it with just a few inches of water and some favorite small plastic toys. Add a scooping net, spoon, and tongs to give your child multiple ways to fish out the toys in addition to using their hands.

Water Obstacle Course
This one might take a bit more work to set up, but it’s one of the best water activities for the whole family. Kids will love jumping, climbing, or crawling over or under obstacles while being sprayed by the hose. Add in a kiddie pool or two along the way, too. Need some inspiration? We love the “car wash” water obstacle course set up by Mom Endeavors.

Kiddie Pool Treasure Hunt
Hosting a few of your youngest neighbors? Fill up a plastic kiddie pool and tossing in a bunch of small toys, like plastic animals or gold coins. Then, hand kiddos a bucket and challenge them to search for the “treasure.”

Water Limbo
How low can they go? Grab that hose, and let’s find out! Have one person hold the hose parallel to the ground, then let everyone else do the limbo to see how low they can go without breaking the water flow.

When All Else Fails, Pull Out the Sprinkler!
Have you exhausted your list of summertime water activities for kids? It’s time to bust out the sprinkler!