Ok , we all can agree that Halloween is spooky, so is creepy costumes, haunted houses, and boney skeletons!  Those items are NOT the scariest- that goes to  the expense of Halloween!

If you don’t want to scare your bank account- check out these tips to save!

  1. Create a DIY costume: Some of your household items will go along way on making your DIY costume even better.  Need blood? Ketchup! Need Halloween makeup? Use combinations of food color, corn syrup, cornstarch, flour and cold cream.

  2. Swap Halloween costumes with friends and family.  Craigslist or your local thrift store will also have some low-cost  options.

  3. Buy candy in bulk and look for coupons: Go online to candy manufacturers and see if they offer coupons on their sites.

  4. Use your imagination- not your wallet- when decorating:  If you are craft make your holiday items. Here are a few ideas: Cardboard boxes spray-painted gray or black make great gravestone markers, and small hollowed-out pumpkins make perfect votive candle holders.

  5. Start planning for next year:  Once Halloween is over- start planning. You maybe able to find a sale with costumes on for 1/2 price! Retailers don’t want to keep these items on hand – they want to get rid of them ASAP.

  6. Have Fun– Enjoy the holiday and take lots of pictures of the kids!