The late summer-early fall transition is the best time to catch white bass! And not only catch them, but catch them in big numbers as they school on shad! There’s no better time than now to load up the kids and take them to the lake. I know what you’re thinking. Didn’t I say the same thing back in June? Yes, that’s true. When the shad start to school it’s a great time to catch white bass, however the late summer-early fall is better in the fact that the shad are fully grown and that means the white bass and hybrids are bigger too!

Plus, as the water temperatures start the cool, and the days get shorter, it signals that fall’s coming soon and it’s time for the whites to feed up! The action will continue through most of the fall until the water temp drops too low and pushes the shad down.

Spin-casting or spinning tackle works just fine. Tie on any shad imitating bait and you’re good to go. Chrome colored crankbaits, Rat-L-Traps, and Shad Raps will do the trick. Plan to hit the water later in the evening as the sun drops low in the horizon and the lakes surface slicks out.

Keep your eyes open for diving birds and the swirling water as the whites attacks the schools of shad. It’s big-time fun for the whole family! Good luck and we’ll see you on the water! I mean, who would want to miss out on an evening like in the video bellow??