Hotter temps means  “Pool Time!”

Did you know that drowning is the number one cause of death for kids under the age of four.

Drownings can happen in pools, lakes, rivers, streams and even in the bathtub.

Tips to keep your kids safe include:

Put your phone down and pay attention to your child!

Just because your child is in a public pool, assume there are NO lifeguards!

Make sure your child has a bright neon yellow, green, pink  or orange suits for better visibility while they are IN the water.

Homeowners with pools, make sure your gate around the pool is locked, when the pool is not in use.

If you see a child who is not splashing, who is possibly struggling or sinking in the water- take action. Drowning is a silent killer for those who can not swim.

Make sure your  young child wears a lifejacket in and around all bodies of water.

Enroll your child in swim lessons.

Stay safe and pay attention!

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