Looking for some child-friendly horror movies to watch with the family this Halloween?  Here is a fun, not too scary movie list compiled for you and the fam:

1.  “Hocus Pocus”,   plus a new sequel.

2.  “Beetlejuice”,  1988.  (watch out for the language, including an F-bomb) May NOT be for the littles.

3.  “The Addams Family”,  1991.

4.  “Halloweentown”,  1998.  Three sequels.

5.  “Ghostbusters”,  1984.  T

6.  “Twitches”,  2005.

7, “Casper” 

8.  “Gremlins”,   (probably not for the younger kids.)

9.  “The Nightmare Before Christmas”,  1993.

10.  “Coraline”,  2009.