Don’t let the final weekend of summer get away without wetting a line. Sure, fishing on holiday weekends isn’t ideal but with a little planning and extra effort, you can still have success. Time of day, species you’re targeting, and location, are everything when it comes to fishing on a busy weekend.

First, plan to be on the water early in the morning and late in the evening.  It’s still summer so fish are going to be more active during the in low-light and cooler time of day. Most of the tubing and skiing activity is done during the day so getting out early or fishing the last few hours of daylight will increase your odds of success. The fish will likely keep their heads down during the busy time of day so once it quiets down, they’ll be on the prowl for a meal.

Increase the odds of putting fish in the boat by targeting a more cooperative species like crappie or white bass. The crappie will still be off-shore and likely schooled together so start about halfway back in a creek or on the flats in 12 to 15 feet or water.  Jigs will work fine, but if you’ve got the kids along, minnows will increase their odds of success.

If the water’s flat and you see schools of shad up on the surface, keep and eye out for white bass and hybrids smashing into the schools. Flats, humps, and long points are good places to check for top-water activity. If you’ve got a fishing boat with an outboard appropriate for trolling, try dragging shad or chrome colored crankbaits and Rat-L-Traps. It’s an easy way for the kids to get bit without having to do much more than hold on and reel’em in!

Good luck and enjoy the last big weekend of the summer! Get out and do some fishing! You may be surprised just how well you might do. Remember too, fall’s right around the corner and with it comes some of the best fishing of the year!