As we wrap up another great Missouri deer hunting season, take a few minutes and check out my Ozarks Outdoors podcast! This time, it’s a 2 part conversation with record-setting bow hunter, Ty Cumley. A few years ago this Osceola, Missouri hunter had a 12 month stretch most of us can only dream of! The run started when he harvested one of biggest deer ever taken in St Clair County, Missouri. That deer, pictured above, green-scored at over 200! In Part 1 of the podcast, he details the years of watching and scouting as the deer grew to record-setting proportions! And, of course, he talks in detail of the day all that hard work finally paid off!

After that record-setting accomplishment, he set his sights on another monster. This time, he was determined to test himself even further by attempting to take this deer with his longbow. The story of him stalking, and ultimately crawling, to creep up within 7 yards of this beast is incredible! In Part 2 of the podcast, he describes the planning, perpetration, and the day in great detail! Shortly after that, he completed the “trifecta” by harvesting yet another massive deer with a muzzleloader!


Of course all this success ultimately caught the attention of outdoor writers and magazines.  He appeared in several including the two editions of the national deer hunting publication, “Rack” magazine, pictured here. Again, I couldn’t think of a better way to wind down this years hunting season by having Ty retell these stories, again, for all of us to enjoy on the Ozarks Outdoors podcast. Check it out and thanks for listening!