Ozarks Lunkers season opener recap! #football #arenafootball #radio #lunkers

♬ A Storm Is Coming – Tommee Profitt & Liv Ash


What an incredible night at the Wilson Logistics Arena for the Ozarks Lunkers’ season opener! We had the amazing opportunity to watch the game from a suite, and it was an experience we won’t forget.

From the very start, the Lunkers were fired up and ready to play. Their energy was electric, and it showed not just in their performance but also in the scoreboard. The team played with heart and determination, making it clear that they are here to dominate this season.

The atmosphere in the arena was buzzing with excitement. Fans were on their feet, cheering and celebrating every great play. Being in the suite gave us a perfect view of all the action, and the amenities made the evening even more special. It was the perfect setting for a thrilling game.

Emmitt Smith was there to do the coin toss before the game, and you know I had to shake the legend’s hand as he walked by us.

If you missed this game, don’t worry! The next home game is on June 15th, and you don’t want to miss out. The Lunkers have shown that they’re a team worth watching, and the Wilson Logistics Arena is the place to be. Gather your friends and family, get your tickets, and come support our team. Let’s fill those stands and cheer the Lunkers on to another victory! See you there! 🏈🎉

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