Do you always remember where you parked at the Battlefield Mall or at the parking lot by Hammons field? Take a picture!

Here are a few things that can easily be remembered with a quick pic taken with your smartphone.

• A reminder of where you parked.

• Your printer cartridges. Make sure you can see the refill numbers.

• Your family members’ clothing sizes.

• The measurements of your air filter.

• Travel confirmation numbers. Take a screenshot of the email your airline sends you. When you check in later and need to find confirmation numbers, your photo album will be less cluttered than your inbox.

• Pictures of current medications. Make sure you can see the prescriptions’ names and dosages in the photo.

• A recipe from a book or magazine that you want to use soon.

• Anything “borrowed” that you might want to buy later, like the brand of a smooth-writing pen at the bank or a great-smelling hotel shampoo.

• Expensive home furnishings you just know you can DIY at home. Get shots of all the important angles for when you’re ready to DIY.