Ever want to be a “Superhero?” Well, now’s your chance! For reasons that are still unclear, there’s been dramatic declines in pollinators across the country. This is troubling because they pollinate 75% of all trees and plants including those that produce fruits and vegetables. Did you know that Missouri has over 450 species of native bees? Sadly, their numbers are dwindling at a rapid rate. Fortunately, whether you just have an apartment complex window planter, a backyard in the suburbs, or several acres in The Ozarks, you can help save our pollinators!

In my most recent “Ozarks Outdoors” podcast I’m talking with Francis Skalicky, Media Specialist for the Southwest Region of the Missouri Department of Conservation. On the podcast you’ll hear all about Missouri’s pollinators and how you can help. You don’t necessarily need a “green thumb” to participate either. All you need is a willingness to learn a few tricks and plant native flowers where you can. Give the podcast a listen. You can listen to it below and CLICK HERE to check out more episodes of “Ozarks Outdoors”.


Mark your calendar! There’s a special event coming soon to the Springfield Conservation Nature Center. On Saturday, April 1st you can learn everything you need to know about the plight of pollinators and how you can create a space for them. You’ll also get connected with nursery’s in our region that sell native plants and flowers. It’s fun for the whole family! We’ll see you there! In the meantime, enjoy your “Ozarks Outdoors!”