Great news, if you want to renew your passport online rather than sending it off in the mail, you can do that starting Wednesday! Well, some of us can!

Not everyone can participate in the beta program for online renewal. The  renewal system will be open for a limited time around noon. With only a small amount of spots available, you will need to go online asap.  Once the daily limit has  been reached,  the online site will be closed.

Not everyone can participate in the beta program.

In order to renew online, you must meet the following requirements:

Applicants must be 25 or older and living in the United States
Applicants must already have a passport that is or was valid for 10 years
The passport being renewed was issued between 2009 and 2015, or over 9 years but less than 15 years from the date you plan to submit your application
Travelers renewing online cannot be updating biographical information such as name, gender, date of birth or place of birth
Applicants cannot be traveling internationally for at least 8 weeks from the date the application is submitted
Applicants must be renewing a regular (tourist) passport. A special issuance (diplomatic, official, service) passport is not able to be renewed online
The passport you’re renewing must be physically with you, not damaged or mutilated, has not been previously reported as lost or stolen
Users must be able to pay for the passport using a credit or debit card and musts be able to upload a digital passport photo.

Wanna try to renew this Wednesday?  GO HERE