BIG traffic issues expected starting today on Glenstone.

The “Glenstone safety, operational, pedestrian and payment project” will start at Stoneridge Drive in northern Springfield and will end at James River Freeway.

The 9 mile long project will have crews resurfacing the road, improve the sidewalks plus install fiber optic cables and improve traffic operations.

You may also encounter:

  • Installing/upgrading traffic and pedestrian signals and curb ramps to 15 prominent intersections along Glenstone
  • Resurfacing and upgrading sidewalks along Nature Center Way south of James River Freeway
  • Install new sidewalk connections and bus stop pads at Battlefield Road, Erie Street, Primrose Street, and Peele Street
  • Instal a new sidewalk near Snider Street between Valley Water Mill Road and McClernon Street
  • Install fiber optic from Evergreen Street to Division Street and St. Louis to Cherry

The project should be completed thru December 2024.

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