As a kid there is nothing more exciting that hearing that special sound….. the ice cream truck music!

Kids through the neighborhood would grab money,  then either run, or bike to where the truck had stopped just waiting to grab that delicacy known as the “Choco Taco!”

The “Klondike Choco Taco” is a taco made out of a waffle cone filled with wonderful creamy ice cream, chocolate and nuts. Its a summer staple, and has been for 38 years  until now!  Poof! It’s Gone!

Unilever who makes the “Choco Taco” is discontinuing it.  The reason? In a statement, Klondike said, “We’re always updating our product portfolio to create new, exciting innovations that reflect consumer preferences and trends.

“A necessary but unfortunate part of this process is that we sometimes discontinue products in order to ensure we can offer the best variety nationwide.”

We can only hope that this is one of those free publicity things, where a product is discontinued , so fans freak out and launch online petitions and stuff . . . and then the company brings it back at some point with a bunch of fanfare.

Goodbye Choco Taco!