When liquid soap got big, many people stuck their bars in the back of the cabinet. However, they’re more useful that you may realize. Here are some nifty hacks that you can do with a bar of soap.

1.  Make drawers easier to open and close.  It works best with old wooden drawers.  Just rub a dry bar of soap along the bottom and sides of the tracks.

2.  Use a bar of soap as a pincushion.  The bonus to that one is it supposedly lubricates the pin, so it glides through fabric.

3.  Stop your pets from chewing on furniture.  Just like us, they don’t like the taste of soap.  So if they won’t stop chewing on wooden furniture legs, rub some soap on there.

4.  Fix a stiff lock on your door.  Rub the key with some dry soap, and then lock and unlock it a few times.  It should loosen up.

5.  Fix a squeaky floorboard.  Moisten the bar of soap and rub it into the cracks between the boards.  It should help with the squeaking.

6.  Get a ring off your finger.  Just rub a bunch of soap on there and wash your hands.  It should help.

The site Lifehacker originally shared the list of clever hacks you can do with a bar of soap.