It’s one of the more overlooked baits to catch bass. A jigging spoon. With ned rigs and drop shot rigs so popular these days, a jigging spoon has lost favor with a lot of fisherman. Despite being one the best ways to catch fish, a vertical jigging spoon doesn’t get as much attention as it deserves. Anytime bass, or any game fish really, are keyed on shad a spoon fluttering down in front of them will get strikes!

Spoons come in a variety of sizes and styles. The size you select usually depends on the size of the bait you’re trying to mimic and how deep of water you’re fishing.  And speaking of depth, the misconception is that spoons are only a deep water bait. Not so, bass can be caught on spoons in water as shallow as a few feet. It’s the fluttering action that makes the spoons appealing and as long as you have enough water to jig it up and have it flutter back down, it will catch fish!

Another plus with spoon fishing is that it’s easy to use. Most times you’re vertical fishing so it’s simply a matter dropping the spoon to the bottom and hopping it back up. We’ll want to pop the bait off the bottom with some serious jerking action. Remember to allow the bait to fall back on a semi-slack line so you’ll detect the strikes. Most times that’s easy as most fish hit spoons with force.

Points, cut-throughs, and humps are some of the best structures to fish a jigging spoon. The addition of current will make spoons more appealing too. So, the next time you’re on the water, don’t forget to give jigging spoons a try. You just might be surprised how many bass you catch! Be sure too and check out my Ozarks Outdoors podcast! We’re always talking fishing, boating, floating, and more! It’s really all about everything outdoors!