I’m calling it! It may be late, but it’s here! “Spring Has Sprung!” Red Bud trees are in full bloom, may-apples are up on the forest floor, and swollen rivers are filled with spring rainwater. Those three things tell me its time for the annual white bass migration. Over the weekend, I took my aluminum fishing boat up as far up-river as I could get and caught white bass all along the way.

This year, the action hasn’t been as good as it usual. Of course, this spring hasn’t been “normal” either. The recent cooler weather has spread out an event that usually lasts a couple weeks into something more like a month. If you’ve not made it out yet, there’s still time. However, after another week or so, it will be time to turn your attention towards the crappie.

Another sure sign that “Spring Has Spring” are morel mushrooms! The area around small feeder creeks are prime mushroom hunting territory. Check around Elm and Sycamore trees. River bottoms and south facing hillsides are great places to search for the tasty fungus too. There were numerous spots that fit those descriptions along the river. The recent rain and warm nights get the mushrooms going too.

Jackpot, baby!

It’s official, “Spring Has Sprung!” Get out and enjoy the things that make The Ozarks special! Fishing, turkey hunting, looking for mushrooms, a bike ride, or a hike, whatever you’re in to, it’s a wonderful time to be outdoors!