Ready for summer? Who isn’t! Warmer weather is just around the corner and there are changes coming to the Springfield-Greene County Park Board pools.  Besides the towels, swimsuits and sunscreen, you will now need a digital I.D.

Digit I.D. are necessary for those who swim to have a personal contact if there is an emergency situation.

The Springfield/Greene County Park Board FB page states ” The Pool Connection is a free digital ID used to check in customers, and includes each customer’s name, address, phone number, picture and emergency contact information.

All customers ages 3 years and older will need a free Pool Connection in place to enter outdoor pools. The process has two steps: an application, which may be filled out online or on paper; and an in-person visit to a family center or outdoor pool to have your picture taken and complete the application.

All customers who complete their Pool Connection will receive a complimentary one-day outdoor pool pass, redeemable at any outdoor pool location.”
Want to register?  GO HERE

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