The Springfield Greene County pools will open in a little over 3 weeks. The  date for opening is Sat., May 28 and will run thru Sunday., Aug. 14!  If order for all the pools to open- there must be lifeguards.  Lifeguards are need now- If you are looking for a summer job and have lifeguard qualifications you should sign up!

Fassnight, Grant Beach, Meador, Silver Springs, Westport and McGee-McGregor will be open and you will be able to enjoy discount Splash & Sizzle admission daily after 5:30 p.m., and all day on holidays at Fassnight.

Pool maintenance (closed) days are staggered throughout the week.

Just in time for Labor Day Fassnight will reopen  for the weekends  Aug. 20-Sept. 5.

Chesterfield and Doling indoor aquatics Mon.-Thurs. only.

Want to enter online for one of  the lifeguard positions?  GO HERE