The recent warm weather has given us a taste of summer! It won’t be long before we will be hitting Tablerock, Stockton, Bull Shoals, or Lake of the Ozarks for a quick dip to cool off!

Experts are now saying what your child is wearing while swimming can make it or break it for their safety.

Bathing suit colors in plain blues, greens, white and greys make it hard to see a child in a light colored pool or even in murkey lake water. The colors seem to disappear quickly.

What is easy to see in pools and the lake?  Neon bathing suit colors.

Neon orange,  neon yellow,  neon pink and neon green seem to “pop with color” making  it easier to see children if submerged in the water.

So when shopping for a child’s bathing suit this year- go for the POP of neon for better visibility to see your child in the water.