It’s almost that time of the year! The annual crappie spawn in The Ozarks! You just never know. Some years, it can start as early as mid-March, other years its early May before the spawn hits its peak. The last several days of warmer weather have got things started. On a recent afternoon trip to Truman Lake, I found 65 degree water in a few coves and pockets. The north coves with more sunlight and protected from the north wind warm first. Also too, the lakes upper ends warm first and that’s usually where the party starts.

On this trip we also found a few white bass chasing bait in the area we were fishing. I still had a shad rap still tied on one of my combos and those active whites jumped all over it! We must have boated 30-40 fish, both whites and crappie, but only kept the better fish. All the crappie were males. They’re the first to show up and prep the beds they hope to coax a female into.

What’s made this year better so far are the consistent water levels at our area lakes. The last couple of years, when things were about to get going, we’d get a flood and that pretty much ended it. We need rain in the region, so lets hope we get some. A slow rise in the water level can be a good thing, too much of a “good thing” and really screw it up. Best of luck and be safe out there! The crappie part is just get’n started! We’ll see you on the water!