Oktoberfest has begun!  It’s the first day of fall. With that said, be more careful driving today.  On the first day of fall, the sun rises and sets exactly east-to-west.  And a lot of major roadways are oriented east-to-west.  So many of us are driving directly into the sun on our commute.  Fall begins officially tonight, at 8:04 pm

What does fall bring to the Ozarks?  Nature’s own organic fireworks display. Trees show their own explosions of color over the course of several weeks.  Fall has some great foods for Harvest: Apples, pears, squash, pumpkins and other goodies are in season

Nothing beats warm apple cider on a crisp day, or going pumpkin picking and eating pies. Plus Octoberfest beers get rolled out around this time, too.

Also good news about fall- Your car isn’t an oven.