I’ve said it before and it’s worth repeating, “experiencing NASCAR in person is the only way to truly appreciate what it’s all about.” Its the same for the Truck, Xfinity, or the Cup Series, racing is supposed to be “experienced” not “watched.” Television or online how we consume NASCAR because there’s simply now way to get to all the races in person. Even if you had the disposable income, it’s a long season and simply not practical to travel from coast to coast. So in front of the TV on race day is what we do. However, when the “big show” comes to our region, you must plan to experience it in person. Casual fans become fanatics after they see it for themselves. Do you have a girlfriend that doesn’t share your passion for the sport? Take her…it will change her perspective.

What’s great about attending a race is that it’s a fun family activity. I saw several moms and dads with the kids enjoying the race together. It’s fun, loud, and exciting and will get the kids off their devices! As do most tracks in NASCAR, you’re welcome to bring in a cooler. Make sure and pack plenty of water and snacks (and don’t forget the sunscreen despite what the weatherman says), and take it in. Consider investing in scanner-headphones so you can listen to the drivers and spotters. Talk about “colorful conversation!” You can also get “insider info” throughout the race by downloading the NASCAR app to your phone.

Get the Pre-Race passes! These videos in the garage area wasn’t “special access” or anything like that. It’s what the pass gets you! You can hang out in the garage area, pit road, be upfront for the pre-race concert and driver introductions! Click HERE to get all the info and tickets!

The fall races at Kansas Speedway are the weekend of September 9th & 10th. It’s the NASCAR Playoffs for both the Xfinity and Cup Series so make plans now to be there! There’s nothing quite like it and up close is the way to go! Of course, again this fall 105.1 The Bull will have your chance to win tickets and those very cool Pre-Race passes!