Wet Nose Wednesday

Hi! I’m Taz, and this is my BFF, Chucky!

I’m a 7-year-old Boxer mix, and my buddy Chucky is 4-year-old schnozzle… schnoozer… Schnauzer mix (or something like that. I’m a dog… give me a break). We absolutely looooove playing with toys, playing each other, we’re great with kids, we’re BOTH potty-trained, AND we even know some tricks! If you want to teach us more, just grab some treats and get to work. We love showing the humans how smart we are! I do have some bad news though… if you’re looking for one dog, you can’t have Chucky or myself. We’ve promised each other that we won’t find a home without the other, but there are plenty of other guys or girls over here that might make a good companion for you! If you’d like to meet us, we’ll be at the C.A.R.E. Adoption Center waiting for you. I hope I… WE see you soon!🙂
Taz & Chucky

Here’s a link to an application if you’d like to get the ball rolling 😉


With Chucky and Taz’s adoption from C.A.R.E. you’ll get a FREE Wellness Visit from the James River Animal Hospital!