Like most things, too much of it can be a problem. However, the right amount of wind can make all the difference in having fishing success or not! Sure, it’s easier to make a cast and control the boat out of the wind but chances are that’s not the best place to be making a cast.

Wind creates current and pushes bait-fish into areas and onto banks that makes it easier for the predator fish to ambush prey. It can also dislodge crayfish from under rocks, stir up minnows, and generally gets the whole “food chain” thing going.  Add in a little cloud cover, especially in the warmer months, and the wind & clouds combination can make for quality day on the lake.

Keep an on the wind direction for a few days before you head out. If it blows in the same general direction for a couple days, plan to start in the area where the waves have been crashing. If that bank or point’s close to a creek or river channel bend, the better. A small pocket that’s had the wind blowing into it, close to that deeper water, helps corral the shad and other bait-fish and makes it easier for the predator fish to slip up and grab a bite. If the wind’s pushing through a cut-through or narrow channel the increased current will funnel bait and intern draw the game fish to the area.

When I say “predator fish” I mean you can except to catch several different species. On a recent afternoon I caught dozens of fish off one stretch of bank. Sure I hooked a few drum, they’re predators too, several white bass, a couple nice “eating size” channel catfish, a few largemouths, some sunfish, and a couple nice walleye! One beauty that’s gonna wind up on my grill someday soon!

So your next time out pay close attention to the wind and it’s direction. Yes, it’s a challenge standing on the trolling motor all day (no I don’t have “spot lock” on my boat) but the work usually pays off. The wind is your friend and can make all the difference in having fishing success or failure.