The Cicadas are coming!  The Cicadas are coming!  Forget that, Cicada’s are here!

If you haven’t seen the beady-eyed bugs with wings, you soon will, or at least hear them.

Two separate broods are emerging at the same time causing a “cicada-geddon!” Reports are coming in already from  St. Louis, Branson, and even Springfield  with cicada sightings.  The bugs are congregating on decks, trees, lawn furniture and even on your house!  The flying insects will cause minimal damage to trees, shrubs, plants or any outdoor items.

If you are worried about your pets during the “Cicada-geddon”, don’t be.  According to veterinarians, the bugs will have minimal risk to your dog. Cicada’s are non toxic and do not sting. However, the cicadas exoskeletons may be difficult for your pet to digest which cause an upset stomach.  If you have concerns talk with your vet.

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