Congratulations Jaylen! You’re the Wet Nose Wednesday Pet of the Week!


This sweet boy really deserves to be the pet of the week because his rescue story doesn’t start off very well… abandoned by a previous owner and left to die as a newborn puppy- that’s how Jaylen’s story started. Thankfully, that’s not how his story ended. Concerned neighbors contacted Animal Control, Animal Control contacted C.A.R.E., and we welcomed Jaylen, his 6 brothers and sisters and their mom, Chloe to the C.A.R.E. Sanctuary! 🙂 Momma Chloe and her babies LOVED life at the sanctuary, but now they have reached the age and size that they’re ready to be adopted! Actually, Jaylen and his brother Shiloh are the only 2 of the family that are still waiting for their forever family to find them 🙂

These sweet pups are full of personality! They enjoy playing with other dogs and are always up to making new friends. They will be an amazing addition to two very lucky families. If you’d like to meet Jaylen at the C.A.R.E. Adoption center, it’s located at 1328 West Sunshine Street in Springfield Missouri and open Thursday through Saturday from 10am-4pm. We hope to see you then!

With Jaylen’s adoption from C.A.R.E., you’ll get a FREE Wellness Visit from the James River Animal Hospital!