What’s Happening

National Popcorn Day!

Happy National Popcorn Day! You'll be hard pressed to find someone who detests the popular snack. Over 90% of people polled like the stuff.  The most popular flavors are butter and salt, followed by cheddar.

When To Take Your Mental Wellness Day

Any day you need a mental health day is the day to take it, of course. However, if you are able to plan it out, experts agree to take it on a Friday or a Monday. That way you can work it into the weekend and unwind more effectively. They also agree that Wednesday is the worst day to choose because it's hard to get settled into a relax state with work on either side of the day.

Get Ready for the Squeeze! OJ Prices Going UP!

Get ready to pay more at the grocery store! Orange Juice prices are going UP!  This year's orange crop is said to be the smallest crop  in over 75 years. You may want to buy the frozen concentrated so you can store it  for later!

What's NEW in 417 Land?

Who is in the new business spotlight?   Tabak Co.!!!  Tabak Co is located 311 Park Central West in downtown Springfield. This Cigar/ Whiskey bar combination also serves fun food such as gourmet brats,  or enjoy a bowl of bison chili. Smoking only is available on the outside patio of Tabak Co. If you see a new business in or around 417 land-let Summer Stevens know!  Find Summer on FB, caller her…

Winter Wonder Craft Night: Terrariums

Chase the winter blues away as we build a plant terrarium. Bring a clear container 8-10" around to transform into a tiny growing environment. Registration required, $10/person. Call 891-1515 to register. Fee covers the cost of materials-container not included. Event by Springfield Botanical Gardens at Nathanael Greene/Close Memorial Park 2400 S Scenic Ave, Springfield, MO 65807-3220, United…

Sleeping with the TV on Is Bad for You

A new study in Austria suggests falling asleep with the TV on might be messing with the quality of your sleep.  That's because it might be causing "micro-arousals" all night, where you almost wake up. Doctors scanned people's brains while they slept, and found that hearing unfamiliar voices, like actors on a TV show, can trigger something called "micro-arousals." That's when you come close to…

Welcome " Missouri THUNDER" to Springfield!

Springfield is growing!!  Yee Haw!  The PBR is launching a new Professional Bull riding competition which starts in June! Springfield will be home to one of the first franchises which will be known as the Missouri THUNDER! The Missouri THUNDER will have only one home match in its first season but will be included in 10 events through the year. There will be 5 selected Cowboys to make the team.…

Get Your Chocolate On!

Get ready for your taste buds to thank you! Hershey is bringing it when it comes to the holiday of love!  The 2022 Valentines Day season is moving up a notch with the new Reese’s Blossom-top Miniature Cups!  These little morsels are a taste of heaven!  Get them while you can- limited edition!

A Betty White Tribute Special

NBC will be airing an hour-long Betty White tribute special called, "Celebrating Betty White: America's Golden Girl" on January 31st at 10 p.m. It is going to include tributes from Betty's friends and former co-stars of Betty, as well as clips throughout her career.  The guests have not been announced yet. The special will be available to stream the next day on Peacock.

NOT a Cold Remedy, TikToc

Good grief, the things people will try and believe! The "Sleepy Chicken Challenge" has people boiling chicken in NyQuil. Someone, somewhere got the idea in their head that it can cure a cold.  However, there is no evidence to back that up, and it could actually kill you instead. When you boil down the medicine, the water and alcohol evaporate, but the drugs are still in there.  Basically you're…