Great news!  Buc-ees will open December 11,2023!

If you’ve been waiting to find out what all the Buc-ees fuss is about- you better have Siri remind you to attend the grand opening!

Other GREAT news?  You can possibly work for Buc-ees!   The very large travelers store will be hiring up to 250 people for their new location, on the outskirts of northeast of Springfield.

The company is wrapping up their hiring fair today. If you haven’t applied for a job yet and want to, CLICK HERE NOW   You must fill out an application before going in for an interview with the company rep.

Interviews will be from 8 am until 4 pm only. Walk-ins may be turned away and it is not encouraged.

Buc-ees beginning pay is $18-21 dollars with benefits.

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