Eric Massey is my most recent guest on The Ozarks Outdoors podcast. When he couldn’t find what he was looking for in a crappie jig, he decided the only solution was to make them himself. This “hobby” soon became an obsession and if you’re looking for the very best jigs, handmade right here in the Ozarks, Eric Massey Jig Co is where you’ve got to go.

The attention to detail is the first thing you notice. When you take a closer look, it’s evident these jigs are made by a man who’s passionate about what he does. These jigs are more like works of art than fishing tackle. And as we discuss in the podcast, you’re first got to “catch” the fisherman, and these jigs do that, however, the real test of a fishing lure is it’s fish catching ability. And trust me, I’ve bought my share of slick looking lures only to find they didn’t put fish in the boat. Eric Massey Jigs absolutely not only look great, they catch fish! Sure, Eric Massey Jigs are going to cost you more than the mass-produced products on most tackle shop shelves but are well worth the few extra bucks!


If you’re interested in acquiring a few of these to add to your tackle box, I’d suggest to get in touch with Eric right away. He may be a local lure maker but he sells his products all over the US and other countries around the world, so get your order in now! He even takes custom orders! In a couple months, the crappie will be on the move and as the days get longer and the nights warmer, they’ll be more and more accessible.

Here’s to a successful fishing year in 2024! Adding Eric Massy Jigs to your crappie fishing arsenal will put more fish in the boat! Happy fishing!