Firework tents are popping up like dandelions all over the Ozarks. Soon the pop pop bang will be heard through the land. There are safety tips you need to remember when shooting of the fireworks and bottle rockets

Have water within reach just in case. Keep a bucket of water and garden hose nearby to fully extinguish fireworks that don’t go off or in the unfortunate event of a fire.

  • Confirm fireworks are legal where you live; purchase fireworks only from licensed retailers.
  • Only use fireworks in a large open space that has been cleared of flammable materials.
  • Always keep young children away from fireworks; if teens are permitted to handle fireworks, they should be closely supervised by an adult; always wear eye protection.
  • Make sure to have a garden hose or a bucket of water nearby in case of a fire.
  • Only light fireworks one at a time; never try to re-light fireworks that have malfunctioned
  • Dispose of fireworks by soaking them in water and leaving them in a trash can.
  • Never shoot fireworks off from a glass jar or container.
  • Never use fireworks while consuming alcohol.
  • Never store fireworks from season to season.

-Keep children away from fireworks

-Dispose of fireworks properly


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