Hunters and Anglers, next year you can probably expect to pay more for your hunting or fishing hobby.

The Missouri Conservation Commission is expecting to vote in September on price increases for the 2024 hunting and fishing season licenses.

What does that mean price-wise to you?  Price hikes could range from 50 cents to a dollar more per year for Missouri residents and even more for those hunting or fishing from out of state.

Here is a breakdown for hunting and or fishing plus combos:

Resident hunting and fishing combination permits (from $19 to $20.50),

Resident fishing permit ($12 to $13),

Small game hunting permit ($10 to $10.50),

Spring turkey permit ($17 to $18), deer permit ($17 to $18),

Out-Of State hunters- deer and turkey licenses ($265 to $276.50) and fishing licenses ($49 to $51)