Last weekend up on Truman Lake the white bass and hybrids were still active and up shallow! The latest cooler weather has dropped the water temps down into the mid-50’s but that hasn’t slowed the action. Sure, you’ll need to bundle up but as I reported in my last post there’s only a couple baits to you need to get into the action. Again, a #5 Shad Rap, or similar type of bait, will do the trick.

The fun part of this time of the year is as your catching 1lb or so whites, at anytime a bigger, meaner, and full of fight hybrid, could hit!  Tossing smaller shad type crankbaits on 6 and 8lb line is best to give your bait it’s best action, it also means when a hybrid smacks it you’re going to be for a long fight. Keep that drag loose for just that situation because when one turns quickly for deeper water if your drag’s set too tight, you’ll get broke off.

You don’t need a ton of wind blowing into your spots but it’s that wind that pushes the shad onto the key spots and the whites and hybrids are sure to follow. Flat points and banks near deep water makes for the best places to catch these fish. And pound for pound there’s no harder fighting fish than a hybrid!

Sure, it’s colder out but it’s well worth the effort so try and make some time to get in on the action before ole man winter shuts it down. Good luck and we’ll see you on the water!