It’s always an adventure at Rocklahoma! And for the first time since the pandemic the festival felt like “the good ole days.” Aside from being over the Labor Day weekend as opposed to it’s traditional Memorial Day weekend spot on the calendar, it seemed like “normal.” Of course “normal” at Rocklahoma isn’t anything like a regular day of life and that itself is part of the fun! It’s a chance for rock fans to get out and cut loose!

The bands were great and the crowd was huge! It looked to be one of the best attended and largest crowds in years! It was apparent too that music fans were ready to get out and celebrate all things rock! From Springfield locals Paralandra to Shinedown, all the bands sounded great! I’m not sure who needed each other the most. The bands playing for the fans, of the fans screaming for the bands. Check out the gallery and videos! Rocklahoma 2022 Recap Part 2 is coming soon!