There’s something special about those early season river fishing trips. For me, it’s a confirmation that indeed winter is over. That doesn’t mean we won’t get another cold snap in the next few weeks, that seems to happen more often these days than it did years ago, but once I’m on the river chasing white bass, things are only going to get better from here. This year’s lower lake levels and dryer than normal conditions has less water in the river. The lack of current seems to drag the white bass run out longer than it should be. Less moving water also makes accessing the better holes tougher too.

It’s that heavy runoff that helps move the fish up river. That rain water adds more color to the water and makes catching whites easier too. Over the weekend, I finally made my way of the Sac River on the upper reaches of Stockton Lake. Normally, I can maneuver my little 16ft fishing boat an additional mile or two upstream. Not this year. The further up the river I went, the clearer the water got too.

That didn’t keep us from having a good time and catching some white bass. Getting the boat out and enjoying the sunshine made it worth the effort as well. We saw a few folks walking though the woods hunting mushrooms. When they we close enough, I asked, “finding any?” One of the guys replied “a few, it’s too dry.” Just what I was thinking too. Later that afternoon we decided to call it a day and handed off our catch to a couple guys in their kayaks. Shortly after we left them, they came peddling back up to where we were loading up to show off a real nice walleye they caught!

Nathen was his name and indeed he boated a nice one! 7lbs 4ozs! Congrats Nathen! That’s spring fishing for you. You just never know what you might catch in the river this time of year. And one nice walleye can make it  worth the effort! Some great eating right there!

Speaking of river fishing, check out my Ozarks Outdoors podcast! I’m talking with Gasconade River Guide, Tommy Bench! I can’t wait to hit the river and catch some of those big smallies! Happy fishing, everyone!