Most of you know about Fin & Feather but for those that don’t, here’s the place in Springfield to get quick work done on rods and reels. If your rod needs a guide replaced, or your reel needs repaired, that work will be sent out to their local expert repair guy. If your tip top guide needs replaced, or you broke the end off your favorite rod and need a tip popped on, the guys at Fin & Feather do that work right there on the spot.

last week I knocked the ceramic out of the end of my tip top guide poking it underwater trying to free my snagged Road Runner. I saved the lure but messed up one of my crappie rods. Blake Haseltine wasted no time lighting a candle and heated up the glue holding the guide in place. Within a few minutes he had the old guide off and dug through his box of replacements to find a similar one of the same size.

So if you, or one of the kids, breaks the end off their fishing pole, don’t worry about buying a new one, take it over to Fin & Feather guys. They’ll get that tip replaced and have you back out the door in minutes. While you’re there, check out their assortment of baits and tackle. I’m sure you’ll find exactly what you need. If you’re not sure, ask one of the guys. They all fish the local lakes and know exactly what the bass or crappie are biting on.

While Blake finished up my rod, another patron and I discussed with him our frustration with the sudden, and untimely, rise in the area lake levels. All this rain arrived just when the water temps were finally warming and the crappie headed to the banks. Now that the lake have stabilized, and hopefully the water clarity improving, I’ll be hitting the water to see what’s up. Of course, I’ll be letting you know right here! Good luck, and happy fishing!