A lot of you spruce up your coffee with a bit of milk, maybe chocolate milk but what else are you tossing in there?  A new survey found 45% of people DO tend to mix it up a lot.  30% are loyal to their favorite drink and almost never order something different.  They also asked people about WEIRD drink pairings they’d be willing to try, including a few non-coffee options.  How many of these sound good to you?

1.  Coffee and chocolate milk mixed together.  36% think it sounds good.

2.  Iced coffee and lemonade, 29%.

3.  Coffee and soda.  We assume that means Coke or Pepsi.  29% would try it.

4.  Soda mixed with lemonade, 28%.

5.  Milk mixed with ginger ale.  26% said sure, why not.