This spring has been another cold, and now wet, one once again. By now the crappie spawn in our region would be over. Not this year. And yes, the conditions on Table Rock are different than up on Truman Lake, so it’s hard to lump all of lakes into one report, but there’s no question that water temperatures are running cooling than normal and that’s keeping most of the fish off the banks.

I did manage to scratch out few last weekend but the wind and cool weather made the fishing spotty. I’d find one or two and then go for some time before picking up another. The ones I caught were mostly males and the water temps were running in the lower-to-mid 60’s. Not ideal to move the fish up in significant numbers. I was fishing on an upper-tributary on Truman Lake because that’s where you find spawning fish first. As the water and weather warms, the spawn will move down towards the lower part of the lake. That rule holds true regardless of the body of water. That’s because the water towards the dam is deeper, and usually clearer, and takes longer to warm.

Next weeks forecast looks to change all this.

Sunny, with a high near 84.
Sunday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around 68.
Sunny, with a high near 89.
Monday Night
Mostly clear, with a low around 70.
Sunny, with a high near 88.
Tuesday Night
Partly cloudy, with a low around 69.
Mostly sunny, with a high near 89.

That’s what’s predicted for the Springfield area. Most of the local lakes were running at, or near, normal lake levels. Had we not gotten this flooding rain, everything was setting up for a massive move to the bank. However, a quick rise in water levels can throw fisherman a curve-ball.

Rising water can help move fish up, but too much of a good thing can make fishing much more challenging than it should be this time of year. Fish tend to spawn deeper, usually out near the old shoreline. Newly flooded brush can make casting and fishing around more challenging as well. Plus, a quick change in water color can make it tougher. Muddy water means you literally have to stick a jig right in front of the fish to draw a strike.

We’ll see how it shakes out. I’ll be posting an update next week. Good luck! Enjoy the warmer weather and your time on the water.