It’s finally officially fall. And with it comes the fall turkey, archery deer season, and several other hunting opportunities. Matter of fact, we’re talking all about that with our local Missouri Department of Conservation agents on my latest Ozarks Outdoors podcast. However, don’t put that fishing tackle away just yet. Some of the best white bass and walleye fishing is happening right now on our area lakes.

What makes it fun too is all you need is a little wind and a handful of baits. This time of the year most predator fish are feeding up in preparation of the long winter to come and when the wind pushes the schools of shad along the banks the whites, walleye, and other game fish follow. Over the weekend a cold front blew though and after a day or two of northwest winds, the shad were pushed up along the southern banks, coves, and flats. What’s nice too is that you don’t always need a large boat to access the best spots. Check the lake map and look for where the winds been pounding in and slip your kayak in the water or just walk the bank.

A #5 Shad Rap or a Berkley Flicker Shad almost perfectly mimics the walleye and white bass’s favorite fall forage and it’s quite possible to catch either on any cast. Remember to go with the lightest line size possible. 6# test works great and make sure to have the drag set a little on the loose side just in case a big white, hybrid, or better yet, a monster walleye hits your lure. The lighter line helps the bait retain it’s best action and allows for a longer cast. Over the weekend, I was fortunate to catch one the better walleyes I had caught in a long time! Guess who’s having fish taco this week! Good luck and happy fishing!