Does this sound right to you?

Supposedly Missouri’s number one candy is Almond Joy? What??

Almond Joy is what we used to give to our “Moms” after we were done trick or treating, because  Almond Joy has coconut!

How can Almond Joy be considered to be the number one candy in Missouri?!

Let’s go to the source.  “The Candy Store” has analyzed trends and tallied data and came up with this sweet information for all of the 50 states.

How was the data obtained? It seems that the Candy Store has been shipping bulk candy for the last 16 years and each year they base their data on which state requests more of a particular brand.

This years data showed that more people in Missouri have requested Almond Joy Candy Bars for shipment, more than any other candy, so that makes Missouri a favorite of Almond Joy candy bars.

Do you agree?   Btw coming in at number two is Milky Way followed by Hot Tamales.