Christmas is in 6 days!  From now until Monday,  travelers will be ramping it up in airports and on highways.

The Springfield- Branson Regional airport is expected  to have high volumes of travelers coming in and out of the airport.

There are some tips to help with your holiday timeline.  Arrive at the airport early.  Airport officials suggest at least 2 hours early, so you can get through the security check points with time to spare.

If you are planning on “carry-on” luggage, get all the info you need BEFORE you arrive at airport! Check the TSA website-  GO HERE to get those questions answered.

Do not wrap your presents before you travel via air.  TSA agents may want to unwrap those gifts to make sure everything is legal and  above board.

Liquids may be taken aboard the plane as long as they are less than 3.4 ounces. So if you are bringing a big snow globe- that may be a big no no!

No weapons or ammo onboard.

Most importantly- be kind to others.

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