Most hunters, myself included, go their whole lives and won’t match what a local 10-year-old has accomplished during this years archery and firearms deer seasons. It’s an amazing story of Drake Taylor and his passion for hunting and of his father that has taken the time to instill in his son a love of the outdoors. In a recent episode of my Ozarks Outdoors podcast our friends at the Missouri Department of Conservation talked about this years deer and turkey hunting regulations, the loosening of crossbow regulations, and its impact on the sport. You can learn more about that by clicking HERE.

On the evening of opening day of this years archery season, 10-year-old Drake and his father were out in their blind watching a field where they had seen a few nice bucks on their trail cams. Late that day a huge deer appeared, Drake used his crossbow that he and father had been practicing with and took down the huge deer pictured below!

That’s just half of the story! On opening day of the firearms season Drake did it again! This hunt was down in Howell Country and once again all the practice and trail cam worked paid off as Drake took down another nice buck! Listen to him and his father as they relive these incredible hunts in the latest addition of my Ozarks Outdoors podcast! It’s and amazing story of what a father and son can accomplish with a little time, work, and love of the outdoors.