Garrett Melby is a local treasure. From right here in the Ozarks he’s a lover of music and all things outdoors. While growing up on a farm in the Willow Springs area he spent his spare time hunting and fishing. A skilled bow hunter who took his passion of hunting and turned it into a way to provide for his community through Missouri’s Share The Harvest program.

He’s most famous for his artwork. His paintings are abstract colorful depictions of wildlife, birds, and fish each which appear to be in motion. I met Garrett some time ago. Needless to say we hit it off. He, like myself, is a music fan and of the outdoors. He recently donated a beautiful guitar that’s proudly on display here at the radio station.

I’m fortunate enough to be an owner of Garrett’s artwork. Being a fisherman, and having dropped a few hints while complementing some of his work online, he was kind enough to paint me a beautiful smallmouth bass and a crappie.

Find out more about Garrett in my Ozarks Outdoors podcast. You can find it right here on The Bull’s website. Follow him on Facebook and make it out to a concert where he’s painting. You’ll see him off to the side of the stage with a brush in hand using the music to inspire his work. It’s amazing stuff.