It’s gonna be a Mega Million’s frenzy tonight!

Do you have your ticket yet?

Here are answer’s to your Mega Million questions:

Where do you  buy a Mega Million’s ticket? Convenience stores, gas stations and some grocery stores.

Pick your numbers!  You can choose your favorite numbers or have them randomly generated.  If choosing your own numbers, You will select six numbers: Five numbers between 1 and 70, and then one Mega Ball number, which is between 1 and 25.
In order to win the big jackpot you must match all 6 numbers!
Cost?  Tickets cost $2.00 each. With an optional Megaplier. It costs an extra $1 per ticket, and could increase the jackpot by 2, 3, 4, or 5 times.  Cash is always accepted. Debit and credit cards are accepted at some locations.
Did you win?  You don’t have to match ALL 6 numbers to win a part of the jackpot. Find out if you won by checking the winning numbers on the Mega Millions website,
If you should win the jackpot, immediately sign the back of your Mega Millions slip.  Before claiming the big money, go to a reputable accountant and find out how to handle this large sum of money.  Decide which money option is good for you.  Your choices are cash option or the annuity. The annuity is paid over 30 years, and the cash option is one lump sum, but it will be less than the jackpot total. For the current drawing, the cash option is $625 million.